The Gauthier Law Group, LLC provides legal services to startups at every stage of their creation and development, from first idea to ultimate success, including legal services required in connection with all of the following:

Image courtesy of ddpavumba /

Image courtesy of ddpavumba /

Startup Entity Creation

  • Selecting the right legal entity for your startup;
  • Drafting the bylaws and articles of incorporation for a corporation; 
  • Drafting the articles of organization and operating agreement for a limited liability company;
  • Drafting any resolutions of the members, shareholders and board of directors that are required to organize your new entity;
  • Drafting and negotiating founders’ equity agreements;
  • Making state filings required for your startup;
  • Preparing share certificates, subscription and shareholder’s agreements;
  • Preparing a minute book for your startup;
  • Obtaining required state and federal tax identification numbers for your new entity;
  • Filing required forms to establish “S” corporation status;
  • Obtaining required business licenses for your startup;
  • Obtaining required zoning approvals for your startup; and
  • Transferring assets into your startup entity.
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Image courtesy of Photokanok /

Maintaining Your Startup Entity

  • Filing required annual reports for your new entity;
  • Renewing business tax registrations;
  • Renewing business licenses;
  • Preparing board of directors’ and shareholders’ meeting resolutions;
  • Preparing consent resolutions for actions taken without a directors’ or shareholders’ meeting.

Startup Business Contracts

  • Preparing initial forms of basic contracts such as customer agreements, confidentiality agreements, consulting agreements, website terms of use and website privacy policies.
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts prepared by third parties for execution by your startup.
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Startup Financing

  • Grants;
  • Microloans;
  • Term loans;
  • Lines of credit;
  • SBA Loans;
  • Equipment financing;
  • Real estate financing;
  • Land contract financing;
  • Letters of credit; 
  • Factoring;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Angel investment;
  • Venture capital; and
  • Private equity.

Startup Real Estate

  • Leasing office space for your startup;
  • Buying or selling land and/or a building;
  • Obtaining an option to purchase land or a building;
  • Constructing a new building;
  • Contracting for architectural, construction and/or design services;
  • Obtaining zoning and land use approvals;
  • Reviewing reports on the environmental condition of a property;
  • Reviewing survey and title for a property;
  • Granting and obtaining easements; and
  • Completing like-kind exchanges.