How to Close a Startup LLC


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In the excitement of starting a business, no one wants to think about ending it, but knowing how to make a safe exit, as well as a grand entrance, is a skill every startup founder should have.  Most startup founders will have to close a business at some point in their careers.  Here are a few tips on how to do that, if your business is organized as an LLC. Continue reading

When to Create a Corporation, LLC or Other Entity for Your Startup

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

If you are thinking about launching a startup, or have already done so, you may be grappling with the question of whether, and when, you should create a corporation, LLC or other limited liability entity for your business. Perhaps you are aware that some startup founders begin without creating an entity, and you are now wondering if you should do the same.

Although I understand why founders are sometimes reluctant to spend time and money setting up an entity when they are not even sure if their business will be viable, I Continue reading