How to Close a Startup LLC


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In the excitement of starting a business, no one wants to think about ending it, but knowing how to make a safe exit, as well as a grand entrance, is a skill every startup founder should have.  Most startup founders will have to close a business at some point in their careers.  Here are a few tips on how to do that, if your business is organized as an LLC. Continue reading

Wisconsin’s New Equity Crowdfunding Bill

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Image courtesy of Boaz Yiftach /

On August 13, 2013, three members of the Wisconsin legislature held a news conference to announce that they planned to introduce new legislation that would permit equity crowdfunding in Wisconsin. Late last week, this eagerly awaited legislation was introduced in the Wisconsin Assembly.  If the proposed bill, known as the CASE (Crowdfunding and Securities Exemptions) for Jobs Act (AB350) (the “Act” or the “CASE for Jobs Act”) is passed, Wisconsin would join only two other states — Georgia and Kansas — that have amended their state securities laws to permit equity crowdfunding. Continue reading